180 Days With Mozart And Me

A Survey Of The Philips Complete Mozart Edition…From Symphonies Through Theatre And Ballet Music

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A Year In the Life

My year-long journey began on June 10, 2009, when I started reading Hemingway’s novels, back to back, starting with the first.

Next up was every Oscar-winning movie, starting with Wings in 1927 and ending with Slumdog Millionaire in 2008.

Then, in November, I tackled Aristotle’s Poetics.

Currently, I am listening to every piece of music Mozart composed, a journey that will end on June 8, 2010.

Ernest Hemingway (June 10th – August 18th)
70 Days With Hemingway And Me

Oscar-Winning Movies (August 20th – November 8th)
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Aristotle (November 10th – December 9th)
30 Days With Aristotle And Me