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A Survey Of The Philips Complete Mozart Edition…From Symphonies Through Theatre And Ballet Music

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Of Edita Gruberova. Period. (Arias, Vocal Ensembles, Canons, Box 12)

April 13th, 2010 · No Comments · Box 12: Arias Vocal Ensembles Canons Lieder Notturni, Double Wow, Edita Gruberova, Edith Mathis, Leopold Hager, Lucia Popp, Mannheim (February 27 1778), Mozart at 22, Mozart at 23, Mozart at 25, Mozart at 26, Mozart at 27, Mozarteum-Orchester Salzburg, Munich, Munich (March 8 1781), Paris (1778) or Munich (1779), Quadruple Wow, Robert Lloyd, Thomas Moser, Triple Wow, Vienna (April 2 1781), Vienna (January 8 1783), Vienna (May 29 1782)

Sopranos to the rescue! Wow. No. Let’s be honest. This music rates a Double Wow in my book. If you want to hear some outstanding voices, listen to this CD. Track 2, for example: Popoli di Tessaglia… Io non chiedo, K.316, performed by Edita Gruberova. She hits a few of those only-dogs-can-hear notes that I […]

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Of Waited Tables and Boy Geniuses (Violin & Wind Concertos, Box 5)

January 29th, 2010 · No Comments · Box 5: Violin & Wind Concertos, Henryk Szeryng, K218, K219, K269/261a, K373, Mozart at 19, Mozart at 20, Mozart at 21, Mozart at 25, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Rondo for Violin & Orchestra in B flat, Rondo for Violin & Orchestra in C, Salsburg (December 20 1775), Salzburg (1775-77), Salzburg (October 1775), Sir Alexander Gibson, Thesis: Why That Region Of the World?, Vienna (April 2 1781), Violin Concerto in A, Violin Concerto in D

When my wife and I arrived at Panera Bread this morning, three men were seated at “my” table. Granted, I was an hour later than usual. But, gee whiz. This is my table! I think I’ve seen these guys before. I think they’re one of the Bible study groups that sits nearby while I listen […]

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