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Of Monday Morning and Monster Men (Arias, Vocal Ensembles, Canons, Box 12)

April 12th, 2010 · No Comments · Box 12: Arias Vocal Ensembles Canons Lieder Notturni, Claes-HÃ¥kon Ahnsjö, Edita Gruberova, Edith Mathis, Francisco Araiza, Hanna Schwarz, K209, K210, K217, K255, K256, K272, K294, K295, K74b, K82, K83, Leopold Hager, Lillian Sukis, Lucia Popp, Mannheim (February 24 1778), Mannheim (February 27 1778), Milan (1770), Mozarteum-Orchester Salzburg, Rome (April 25 1770), Rome (April-May 1770), Salzburg (August 1777), Salzburg (May 1775), Salzburg (May 19 1775), Salzburg (October 26 1775), Salzburg (September 1776)

Tenors to the rescue! The first few tracks of this CD were painful to my ears. They were everything that frosts my cookies, all in one circular silver package: mediocre music and sopranos with warbly, screechy voices. (And not because they lack talent, either. It’s because of how Mozart wrote the music.) Vocal histrionics from […]

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