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A Survey Of The Philips Complete Mozart Edition…From Symphonies Through Theatre And Ballet Music

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Of Finally Sunny Sundays and Farely Stimulating Singing (Arias, Vocal Ensembles, Canons, Box 12)

April 11th, 2010 · No Comments · 1766, Box 12: Arias Vocal Ensembles Canons Lieder Notturni, deest, deest (definition), Edita Gruberova, Edith Mathis, Hanna Schwarz, K21, K23, K36, K70, K77, K78, K79, K88, Kdeest, Leopold Hager, London (1765), Lucia Popp, Milan (1770), Milan (March 1770), Mozart at 10, Mozart at 14, Mozart at 9, Mozarteum-Orchester Salzburg, Salzburg (December 1766), The Hague (December 1765), Thomas Moser

We’ve had rain and chilly temperatures for nearly a week. Today is the first sunny day we’ve had in quite a while. It feels good to sit in the sun, typing this. I don’t even mind the glare or the fact that I’m getting a little too warm. I like it. I also like the […]

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