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Of Soap and Sonatas (Missae, Requiem, Organ Sonatas, Box 10)

March 28th, 2010 · No Comments · Adagio & Allegro in F minor, Andante in F, Box 10: Missae Requiem Organ Sonatas & Solos, Church Sonatas 13-17, Daniel Chorzempa, Deutsche Bachsolisten, Don Knotts, Fantasia in F minor, Ghost and Mr Chicken, Helmut Winschermann, K274, K278, K328, K329, K336, K594, K608, K616, Organ Sonatas 13-17, Phantom of the Opera, Salzburg (1777), Salzburg (early 1779), Salzburg (Lent 1777), Salzburg (March 1779), Salzburg (March 1780), Vienna (December 1790), Vienna (March 3 1791), Vienna (May 4 1791)

Today, we drove nearly 100 miles round trip to buy soap. Not just any soap, mind you. For that would be foolish. The local grocery store sells soap by the box full. No end to the varieties. No, the soap we bought was lavender and nettle, or lemongrass and nettle, or honey and oat. We […]

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