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Of Familiar and Fantasia (Piano Music, Box 9)

March 9th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Box 9: Piano Music, Fantasia (definition), Fantasia in C minor, International Music Score Library Project, John Cage, K332, K333, K457, K475, Linz (1783), Mitsuko Uchida, Mozart at 27, Mozart at 28, Mozart at 29, Piano Sonata No 12, Piano Sonata No 13, Piano Sonata No 14, Progressive Rock, Salzburg (1783), Vienna (May 20 1785), Vienna (October 14 1784)

Today’s CD is chock-full of nuance, variations – both subtle and overt – in tempo, mood, and style. The music is perfect for casual listening, as well as active study. Plus, it contains a “fantasia,” which is always interesting – sort of like listening to a piano work by John Cage. One never knows what […]

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